Classic Challah

I don’t like the rain. Living in the UK it’s pretty much unavoidable. All year round.

There is a positive though:  rainy days = perfect baking days. More specifically, ‘let me make some bread’ kind of days. There’s something quite therapeutic about kneading dough on a grey day whilst it pours outside. I highly recommend it.

It was on one of these wet days that I stumbled across a recipe for an 'overnight challah.' It sounded fancy. So I gave it a go. The concept is quite straightforward – you make the dough the evening before, leave it to rise overnight in the fridge and it's ready to shape and bake the following morning. Easy.

Apparently, following this method is supposed to make a much tastier bread with deeper flavours due to the fact that the yeast has longer to ferment. Personally, I couldn't taste much of a difference butI definitely appreciated the convenience of waking up to dough that was ready to go.

Next I had to shape the dough and this time I pushed the boat out and went for a six strand braid which sounds more complicated than it is. After a few YouTube tutorials I was good to go.

What I love about Challah, is how easy it is to adapt. I thinkI'll try out some variations with cinnamon, or even go savoury with sundried tomatoes and basil. Mmmm. Oh and i'll definitely have to do one with nutella. Because nutella!

I'll also add that leftover challah (is there even such a thing?!) makes amazing french toast! With Bacon. Obviously.